Manufacturing Excellence Awards are presented annually at our Manufacturing Summit in November. Manufacturing, an engine that has and will continue to drive prosperity, remains a vital component of America’s success.

2015 Manufacturing Excellence Award Winners

Manufacturer of the Year Award

This long-standing and premier award recognizes manufacturers that are committed to business excellence. This award category reviews progress in areas like: positively impacting the local community and Washington state, as well as the nominee’s business. In addition, judges will evaluate entrepreneurial spirit, creative solutions to industry-related challenges, supplementing or enhancing best-practice standards, and active involvement in state and/or local public policy issues.

Green Manufacturing Award

This award acknowledges leadership in areas like: maximizing energy efficiency levels, exceeding regulatory requirements, minimizing material waste, reducing an operational carbon footprint, and initiatives that effectively translate green manufacturing into business opportunities.

Operational Excellence Award

This award honors manufacturers in areas like: enhanced efficiencies within the manufacturing process, innovative solutions to environmental concerns, innovation in best-practice standards, advances in lean and six sigma, R&D leadership, and the successful application of advanced technology.

Innovation Award

This award will be presented to manufactures that display excellence in areas like: creating products that lead to shifts in industry expectations, consumer demand and/or supply chain communications, creative concept development and implementation, and unique answers to common industry-related challenges.

All AWB members are eligible for entry (non-members are ineligible)

Did You Know

  • Every dollar generated through manufactured-product sales supports $1.40 in output from other industries
  • Manufacturing represents 12 percent of our gross domestic product
  • One in six private-sector jobs is in or directly tied to manufacturing
  • Manufacturing drives innovation and technology, which is essential to overall economic success
  • Manufacturers are responsible for more than 70 percent of all private sector R&D, which benefits all industries
  • Two-thirds of our nation’s total exports of goods and services are related to this sector