RSM Reports on the current condition of Washington state’s Manufacturing & Distribution sectors.

These temperature checks allow the AWB Institute, AWB and the business community to closely monitor these vital economic sectors. It also allows the AWB Institute to share empirical data on the current status of manufacturing and distribution with key decision makers. Finally, it enables the AWB Institute to customize its assistance to our manufacturing and distribution members.

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Here is what Washington is seeing at a high level based on the 2015 Monitor responses:

  • The percentage of thriving companies is in flux: 37% in 2015; 43% in 2014; 33% in 2013
  • However, the 2015 median increase in domestic revenues was 7% (compared to 10% in 2014)
    • This is an increase over the 2014 forecast of 5% in domestic revenue
    • The 2015 forecast is a median growth of 10%
  • In 2014, nearly two-thirds anticipated a median net increase of 4% in the total workforce; the reported increase in 2015 was 1.5% by 59% of the companies.
  • In 2014, 65% of Washington executives felt their data was at little or no risk. In 2015, only 37% are very confident (55% are “somewhat” confident) in their company’s ability to monitor and safeguard customer data.

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