In Washington state… we build things.

From airplanes that circle the globe to the trucks that deliver goods to your local supermarket. From computer parts to auto parts. From custom wheel chairs to hot dogs. From the luxury yacht sitting in the bay to canned peas that are sitting in your cupboard.

If you can think of it, Washington state probably manufactures it!

A vital mission of the AWB Institute is to monitor and support all of Washington state’s manufacturing sectors, by working with our partners at the Association of Washington Business and the National Association of Manufacturers.
AWB Institute has five goals in working with Washington state manufacturers:
  • Provide mediation between state and local governments and the state manufacturing community;
  • Work with the state’s education system to ensure an educated workforce that meets employer needs;
  • Provide material and educational assistance to manufacturers through various state and private programs;
  • Provide updates on the health and concerns of Washington state’s manufacturing sector; and
  • Recognize through our Manufacturing Excellence Awards, manufacturers who go above and beyond to make Washington state a better place to work and live.

For more information about the AWB Institute’s manufacturing efforts, contact Amy Anderson at 360.943.1600.

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