Green Manufacturing Award

Earth Friendly Products, Lacey, @EFPClean

For an employer that has maximized energy efficiency levels, gone above and beyond regulatory requirements, minimized waste from the production process and reduced carbon footprint. Converting green manufacturing into a business opportunity is also considered.

Earth Friendly Products, which makes environmentally friendly and toxin-free household and commercial cleaning products, has made green manufacturing a priority for decades. The efforts are paying off. The company switched to 100 percent renewable energy in 2010 and in 2013 achieved carbon neutrality — avoiding emission of nearly 54 million pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Strict waste management programs have earned them more than $180,000 from selling recyclables since 2010 and cut their overall waste by 95 percent, saving them $110,000 in trash disposal costs. Earth Friendly Products encourages a more sustainable lifestyle for employees as well, providing green benefits such as a $2,000 incentive to buy an eco-friendly car, a $1,000 relocation incentive to move closer (to within 10 miles) of the facility, and a $2,000 incentive to install solar panels on the employee’s family home.