Manufacturing in the state of Washington is at the same time, an international success story and an industry in transition. From commercial airplanes and heavy-lift cranes to hydraulic jacks, semiconductors and doors, Washington’s manufacturers are recognized around the globe as leading industry innovators.

Yet, at the same time, thousands of manufacturing jobs continue to go unfilled — even in one of the worst economies on record. A lack of skilled workers, able to meet the demands of large and small manufacturers statewide, continues to plague the industry. Workforce training must continue to be a priority, as should efforts to educate future employees as to the benefits of this powerful economic engine for the state’s economy.

As such, it is important that the business environment of the state provide an opportunity for the industry to prosper and remain a key contributor to the state’s economic climate.

Please take a moment to review the findings of our 2011 listening tour. They are integral to preserving and enhancing our state’s manufacturing industry.